Products and Services
  We offer a one-stop-shop service with design and manufacturing of:
- Displays (Counter displays, Window Displays, Display Stands, etc.)
- Packaging (Boxes, Pouches, Cases)
Display Accessories (Trays, Price Display, Logo Blocks, Logo Plate, Gloves,Cleaning Clothes, etc.)
- Mirrors (Counter Mirrors, Handheld Mirrors, etc.)
- Promotional Gift (you name it, we got it!)
Core Values
At Beautimax, our team is energetic and eager to explore different solutions. It is
something that we are rather proud of. To give you a little insight into what we are like
and perhaps what we are like to work with, our design team creates a blueprint as below:
‘It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.’ John Wooden